Cookies and Walnuts

the nut butter you love

the nutrients you need

we've combined the world's top superfoods with natural nut butters to help you and your family lead healthy lives 

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simple ingredients






plant-based protein & healthy fats



essential vitamins, minerals & antioxidants



plant-based protein, healthy fats & antioxidants


algal oil

essential marine-based omega-3 fatty acids

protect your family with omega-3s

most americans don't get the right nutrients in their diet, especially essential omega-3 fatty acids 

with over 20,000 studies completed, omega-3s are some of the most well-researched nutrients in the world

they've been shown to support heart health, brain health, eye health and prenatal health


that's why we've added superseeds and algal oil to our healthy nut butters   

Fruits and Nuts
Raspberry and Various Nuts

try our three

delicious flavors today!

about us

being healthy is simple,
it's just not easy

we started healthnut to make eating healthy a bit easier

by combining nutrients that most americans lack into a single, plant-based spread, we hope to help our customers lead happy, fulfilled and healthy lives

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